What We Do

Strategic Advising

  • Identify and evaluate strategic growth and new market entry options.
  • Align leadership team around growth strategy using expert facilitation methods.
  • Develop detailed business plans with financial projections & organizational design.
  • Search, screen and introduce merger, acquisition and other partnership targets.
  • Integrate international, dual strategies for medical and recreational cannabis.
  • Development of optimal methods for commercial deals; assistance with corporate development.
  • Licensing Advocacy

  • Applications for vertically and horizontally integrated cannabis businesses.
  • Acquisition of permits for cannabis cultivation, processing & dispensing.
  • Satisfy application requirements, including SOPs, security plans, and more.
  • Application-specific business plans and pro-forma financial projections.
  • Successful licensing applications in multiple states.
  • Go-To-Market

  • In-depth, data-driven market and consumer analysis.
  • Pricing, distribution channel and sales planning.
  • Generate unique insights into consumer & product trends using proprietary Artificial Intelligence Technology.
  • Financial Advising

  • Perform valuations, optimize capital structure and determine financing needs.
  • Business valuations that incorporate public and private data.
  • On-point debt and capital advisory; negotiation support during deal execution.
  • Develop, manage and deliver investor presentations.
  • Access to equity capital via KOMAND’s relationships to Canadian venture capital & private equity groups, which possess current investments, varied experience and successful exits in the cannabis ecosystem.
  • Key Benefits


    Our strategic-planning expertise helps your business seize a clear market advantage and poises it for maximum growth and long-term profitability.


    We simplify the difficult and expensive process of acquiring a cannabis license for cultivation, processing, and dispensing working with our legal partners. With multiple licenses in different states under our belts and a high success rate, we significantly boost your chances of approval.


    Our experience and understanding of cannabis licensing requirements, equity investors, and large established partner companies helps you get M&A and partnership deals over the line quickly.


    We are experts on the attributes investors and partners look for in a viable venture. We develop the optimal growth strategy at all stages of financing to secure a higher valuation and greater investment capital for your company.

    Cannabis Credentials

    Financing & transaction support

    Through our International Partnerships & Capital Sourcing advisor, we assist international cannabis companies entering or seeking capital from Canada. Our support is crucial to our clients’ successful launch onto the international market.

    Strategic Planning for major LP

    Spearheaded strategic planning process for a major licensed producer, guiding them toward highly effective capital and market decisions: distribution of fixed and operating capital; selection of most favorable geographical regions; determining optimal end markets.

    Generated exclusive insights on cannabis consumers using SALIENT iQ technology

    Developed AI technology that provides cannabis consumer insights for every major Canadian and US LP; worked with top-5 consulting firm to provide practical, data-driven insights.

    State license applications

    Experts at handling every stage of the licensing process, including analyzing and meeting state-specific marijuana program rules and regulations.



    Cannabis Sector Webinar

    June 12, 2018

    Positioning your Company for Growth

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    Executive Perspective

    March 6, 2018

    KOMAND Consulting Cannabis Sector Industry Executive Perspective.

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    Cannabis Sector Strategy

    March 6, 2018

    KOMAND Consulting Cannabis Sector Strategy and Financing Services.

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